Do you feel you have wasted your life?

Matt Louis McCullough is the author of Magnificent Mansions – a book about hope for seemingly wasted and unfulfilled lives.

Matt grew up on the plains of Texas. And his career kept him mainly on the flatlands and drab concrete corridors of Houston. Consequently, he longed for something beyond this dull two-dimensional perspective. But what appeared to him as a mostly aimless and meaningless life was even drearier. Years of praying and waiting for even a hint of direction did not seem to offer relief. So he withdraws to the grand arenas of God’s creation. During his engagements with mountains and oceans, he receives glimpses of the sublime nature of God. Yet Matt finds the most spectacular views are of the rooms being built in our Father’s house. Something beyond measure moves him. The author is freed from the dim outlook of his existence. And after hearing the words of a book from the Scripture and seeing the noblest presence in earthly dwellings, he receives new hope about the room and life Christ makes for him. He wishes that you, too, receive this new hope and a view of that magnificent place and meaningful life He is preparing for you!

Matt and his wife, Carmen, live in Sugar Land, Texas. They have two children and three grandchildren and are also part-time babysitters of four rescue dogs and two cats. He is grateful for the privilege of getting away to enjoy photographing landscapes and nature, snowboarding, climbing, surfing, diving, and sailing. But most of all, he is thankful to be part of such a superb family and for being so immensely loved.

“We long to experience the grandest of lives and places. The measure of their magnificence is how small we are within them.”

Some of us lie awake in the night waiting. We plead for God to provide an answer, some relief, or a sense of direction. But we experience only long periods of silence. Meanwhile, we are haunted by the thoughts of our lives merely returning to the dust. Do you feel your life has been ruined or thrown away? Are you doubtful that you will ever rise from the refuse?  If so, the message found in Magnificent Mansions is for you. It may make you think again. This is a true story and a genuine discourse about hope for seemingly wasted or unfulfilled lives. The content promotes biblical perspectives that also challenge some paradigms. And its words are meant to move one to see God at work in us and through us. 

If you enjoy landscape and nature photography, Matt features much of his work

at https://www.shutterstock.com/g/matt+mccullough and https://www.summitpost.org/users/matt-mccullough/138285

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